Wednesday, April 12, 2023

I Do Not Embrace Change


I had plans to get a lot done this week. My main focus was taking photos of our Bodacious Birdhouses to offer up for grabs. However, that didn't exactly work out as planned. Why?


I took a lot of photos with my old camera. I tried to upload them on my laptop. 

To back up a bit, my laptop recently automatically updated to Windows 11. Then, after that, several more updates. 

Everything changed. 

The photos I took would not upload from my old and favorite camera.

I played around with the new camera Lisa bought me a few years ago.

The photos were uploaded. And, they showed on my laptop screen. 


I don't know how to use the new camera. 


The photos sucked. 

I am frustrated. 

It's not Windows 11. 

It is my old camera. 

My old SD card. 

My lack of ambition to learn how to use my new camera. 

That will be changing. 



Apparently, I do not embrace change. 

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