Thursday, October 7, 2021

Our Kids Nap Hard When We Resume To Our Usual Second Shift Life...


I took this photo on Monday. It was about an hour after Lisa left for work. If you haven't kept up with this blog, she leaves for work around 2:45 p.m. Lisa has been working the second shift since January. 

We are all used to the second shift life. 

That includes our kids napping hard on Monday after Lisa leaves for work. 

By the way, when I took this photo, Coco was stretched out on our bed napping sound.

It's kind of a standing joke between us. When Lisa is home on weekends or during a long weekend or a week-long vacation, the kids very seldom nap. If she is outside doing yard work or running errands, they will nap. But, the moment she is inside of our house, forget it. 


The day she returns to work, our kids are exhausted.

We give them their afternoon snack. Lisa gets ready for work. They all bark at the gate as she puts on her work shoes in the entryway. 

When Lisa closes the door, our kids disperse to find their napping spot of choice.

Before Lisa left for work on Monday, she moved my laptop to the dining room table. She put one of the home office dog beds in the dining room. 

This was the scene.

Less than an hour after Lisa left for work.

Need I say more?

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