Sunday, September 5, 2021

We Are Exceptionally Grateful For Those Just Because Gifts


I have no shame in admitting that every so often I get caught up with life. Our kids. The busy. The chaos. The happenings in the world. The demanding schedules. Then. I exhale. Go through photos. Moments. 

A couple of those moments have included a few surprises. 

Ones that we are incredibly grateful for. 


They took us by surprise. 

From exceptionally thoughtful humans who "get us..."

The first photo is of birthday gifts that Lisa received right around her birthday last month. From a couple of super cool humans. They get us. They have always been extremely thoughtful. We simply adore them. 

As posted on my personal Facebook wall...

"My wife received a belated birthday gift from a couple of rather incredible humans. Thank you, Holly and David. The both of you always get it right. You made my wife's day. You also made mine. Keep being you. Because we adore the both of you. And. The world needs more of YOU."

This photo...

I invited one of our sweet friends over for dinner last month. On a Friday. When Lisa was at work. I hadn't seen her for over a year. I missed her so much. 

She showed up with a bunch of treasures. 

I posted this on my personal Facebook page...

"Thank you, Barbara, for being my dinner date tonight. And for all of the gorgeous goodies you gifted. Including my favorite cookies. You are another sweet human who always gets it right. Your beautiful soul, hugs, and stories always rejuvenate my being. Thank you for being YOU. There will always be a place at our table for you."

In our book, it's not about gifts and treasures and surprises. 

We don't expect anything in return for what we do for people. 


When we are presented with those sweet unexpected gifts, they mean so much to us. Whether it's farm fresh eggs, old cookbooks, my favorite cookies, Dog Mom kitchen towels, etc.

We are exceptionally grateful. 

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