Sunday, September 19, 2021

Dirty Laundry Shenanigans


All of our kids have their little quirks. Coco likes to gently chew on Lisa's dirty socks. Sophie does a yoga pose every time she pees. Willa likes to steal things off my desk. Lobo used to drag our slippers and shoes and flip-flops from Point A to one of the many DIY dog beds we have throughout our home.

Over the years, Lobo has lost a few teeth. From old age. He's almost a senior. 


Dragging heavy shoes and slippers is a bit much for him. That has not stopped his shenanigans. Now. He likes to drag dirty laundry from the bathroom to one of the many DIY dog beds. 


To better explain...

The old home that we lived in for almost 8 years had a single bathroom. A very small bathroom.

Very. Very. Small. 

There was no room for a hamper. 

When we showered, we threw our dirty clothes and towels in the small space beside our bathroom sink. Almost every day, we brought the laundry to the basement to do a load. 

The house we bought in February of 2020 has a large bathroom. 

Lots. Of. Space.

We want to make a custom hamper that's rustic and matches our primitive decor.

Shortly after moving into our new house, the Covid pandemic hit. Our state pretty much shut down. That year we didn't make any Bodacious DIY items to sell. 

This year, things are better, but the price of lumber almost tripled in price. That halted a lot of projects for us. 

Including our DIY custom hamper.

During this time, we used a single decorative tote for dirty clothes and towels. A makeshift hamper of sorts. 

When the tote is downstairs in our laundry area, and we shower, we throw our laundry in the corner of our bathroom. It's not a big deal because the next day it gets taken downstairs to wash and dry.

Between that 12 hour period of clothes and towels being thrown on the floor and washing and drying, Lobo likes to grab a towel or shirt or a pair of shorts and drag it to one of the many DIY dog beds throughout our home. 

It's comical. 

Like with the shoes he used to drag from Point A to Point B, he's proud of his accomplishment. Lobo will give us this look. As if to say, "Mom, I don't know what happened."

Yeah, okay...

At the same time, I'm making a mental note for us to put the final touches on our custom DIY rustic hamper. 

Another project for us to tackle during the winter months. 

Until then...

We'll be picking up Lobo's dirty laundry treasures.

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