Thursday, August 19, 2021

Our Kids Have Plenty Of Comfortable DIY Dog Beds, But...

We bought our house in February of 2020. There are no carpets. It's all hardwood flooring. My severe allergies thank this simple blessing. On so many levels. 

Over the years, when we lived in our old home for almost 8 years, we made DIY Dog Beds for our kids. That trend continued after we bought our house. 

Our house is much bigger than our old home, but there are plenty of DIY Dog Beds and nappy nooks, and such to keep our kids comfortable. Including the latest addition back in April

And yes, Coco even enjoys it too despite the size of the dog bed that we could not make bigger. 

But still.

Every once in a while, our kids like to stretch out on our hardwood flooring.

Especially Lobo and Willa.

Shortly after I took this photo, Willa put her head down and fell asleep right beside of Lobo.

They napped there for over an hour.


They both found their favorite comfy spots on our DIY Dog Beds.

And napped soundly for several hours. 

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