Wednesday, March 24, 2021

My Little Reminder To Keep Life Simple


We have a handcrafted sign in our kitchen that reads, "Keep Life Simple." It's one of our favorite mantras. For the most part, we adhere to it. However, sometimes, life gets a little loud and one of us needs a gentle reminder. 

After Lisa left for work yesterday, I was feeling overwhelmed. I have a copious amount of desk work to do in the form of updating this blog and social media streams. 

I've got lots of projects I want to get done in my workshop for the inside and outside of our house. 

In short, I wasn't feeling very accomplished even though I was working on a bazillion things. I was also exhausted from a crappy night of sleep. 

When Lisa got home from work last night, she walked into our home office with a single daffodil. I was at my desk. 

Out of the dozens and dozens of budding daffodils in our front yard, this one was in full bloom. 

The only one. 

She noticed it even though it was dark outside and picked it before coming in. 

The smile on my face stretched for miles. 

That was my reminder.




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