Tuesday, March 9, 2021

A Proud Dog Mom Moment

We had an overnight guest last month. The last time we had an overnight night guest was back in the Spring of 2013. At the time, we had one kid. Coco. Almost 8 years later, we have 4 kids.

Our overnight guest was well aware of our 4 kids and he knew they were rescues. Each of our kids is unique and they all respond differently to guests.

Prior to our overnight guest arriving, we put all of our kids in our bedroom. This gave us a chance to welcome our guest, show him our house, and for him to settle in a bit. That took about an hour.


We opened the door to our bedroom. 

As expected...

Coco barked. 

Sophie sniffed his shoes and got comfy on the dining room dog bed.

Lobo barked because Coco was barking.

Willa brought our guest a ball to play fetch.

Our guest was armed with treats.

For a little bit, all 4 of our kids were at his feet enjoying treats.

Eventually, they all settled down. 

They knew our guest was cool and kind and is a dog person.

They all got wound up when it was time to go out on multiple occasions and mealtimes, but aside from that, our kids did exceptionally well. 

Lisa and I were both impressed at how well they behaved, even in the days after our overnight guest left. 

I'm not going to lie, Lisa and I were nervous about our kids would act and how our guest would respond, but that nervousness fizzled away within minutes. 

It was definitely a proud Dog Mom moment. 

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