Thursday, December 24, 2020

Mother Nature Is Going To Give Us A Beating. Why Not. It's 2020.


Yep. It's Christmas Eve. Lisa has today off which means a 4 day weekend. Months and months ago when she got this day approved as a vacation day, we were overjoyed. And, we still are. However. today didn't go quite as planned compliments of Mother Nature.

It looks like Mother Nature is going to give us a beating tonight. A few inches of rain and 55-70+ mph winds. 

Should be fun. 


We spent most of this afternoon prepping for this storm.

I made homemade rolls and egg salad.

We froze bottles of water and made lots of extra ice.

Lisa checked our flashlights and made sure we had enough batteries. She also took all of the outside Christmas decorations down in the front of our house. 

All of our laundry is washed, dried, and folded.

Housework too. 

Our vehicle is parked in the garage.

We have done everything we can to prepare for this storm.

Lisa visited our elderly neighbor to deliver a platter of cookies and told him that if we lose power, we will deliver a picnic Christmas dinner. When power is restored, we'll deliver our planned hot Christmas dinner.

So yeah, it's 2020.

They're calling this the Christmas Grinch Storm. 

It seems fitting. 

Amid the preparation, I made our traditional Christmas Eve fare.

Scallops wrapped in bacon.

My homemade spinach dip with fresh made crostini.

Shrimp cocktail. 

I raise my glass of wine to all of the above.

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