Wednesday, October 7, 2020

We Decided To Eliminate The Deadlines On Our Big Bodacious Painting Project

About a month ago, Lisa and I had a conversation about our upcoming Big Bodacious Painting Project. At the time, Lisa put in for a week's vacation (staycation) in the middle of October and it got approved. Our original plan was to tackle all of our indoor painting during that time frame. However. I wanted to get it all done before her staycation. There was a reason for this. 

Long story short...

In 2018, we assisted a former friend of ours with her home renovations during the months of February, March, and April. Most of this work was done on the weekend because that was our only free time and hers.

A month later, in May, Lisa took a week off so we could paint the entire inside of our home. Our former friend decided to take an out of state vacation for most of that week. Aside from having no help from our former friend, we were also responsible for taking care of her furry kids. 

We got most of the painting done during the week of Lisa's vacation. It was exhausting. We had no assistance. We stayed up late and got up early. 

At the end of Lisa's vacation, we were both wiped out. We still had the kitchen and bathroom to complete. When she went back to work, I started the kitchen. 

Since buying and moving into our house in February, Lisa has taken vacations when she wants. For the first time in over 7 years, her vacations are no longer revolve around housesitting/pet sitting, renovations, assisting others with this or that, etc.

It's been incredible.

I didn't want that to change. In other words, I didn't want Lisa spending her entire vacation completing our indoor painting and going back to work exhausted. I offered to get all of the painting done. I had a month. I could do it.

Lisa wasn't thrilled, but she agreed. We purchased paint for the dining room and home office. I started with the dining room first. I had a really great first day of painting. The second day, not so much

That weekend, Lisa built me a platform to stand on so I wouldn't have to clumsily balance on a stepladder. That was a lifesaver. In the days to follow, with Lisa's assistance, our dining room was done and we absolutely love it. 

My original goal to get the dining room and home office done in a single week did not happen, but that's okay. I learned a few things while painting the dining room. Lisa did too.

We prefer to tackle a room together. It's kind of boring doing it alone.

Lisa hates doing the bottom trim and windows. Those are my favorite things to do. 

I hate rolling and doing the top trim. Those are Lisa's favorite things to do. She's taller than I am and she likes to roll paint.

When I'm painting solo, I can't do much at a time because I'm taking care of our kids, taking them outside, and doing everything that I typically do on a daily basis. When we do it together, the painting doesn't have to stop because one of us tends to stuff while the other paints.

Above all, Lisa expressed in her own way that she really wants the painting to be an us thing. It's our house. Our home. Lisa wants to be a part of that. 

After discussing all of the above, we came up with a pact. 

I would begin the process of painting the home office today, which I have. That would include the trim, double closet door, and the windows. This coming weekend, Lisa will finish the walls with the roller. Next week, I'll do touchups and put the home office back together.

During the week of Lisa's staycation, we're going to paint the kitchen and the bedroom. Those are 2 rooms that 2 people are needed. And, we are excited to get those 2 rooms painted. 

We'll be doing it at our own pace. No deadlines. No pressure. No schedule.

After Lisa's vacation, I'll work on the trim in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop, the hallway, entryway, and bathroom. At my own pace. I'll leave the rolling to Lisa on the weekends. 

By doing it this way, it won't be overwhelming or exhausting. Our home won't be in shambles. We won't be living on takeout for multiple days. It won't be stressful. 

More so, it'll be something that we enjoy doing. I won't seem like a chore. 

We're doing this for us. 

I'll keep you posted on our progress. 

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