Monday, September 21, 2020

The First Day Of Our Big Bodacious Painting Project Was A Success


So much stuff happened today. I don't even know where to begin. But, I'll start here. Lisa had to cover 2nd shift in her department today. So, it's after 9 p.m. and I'm sitting here writing this. Why? Because it's the 1st day of our Big Bodacious Painting Project

In a nutshell, Lisa is taking a week off mid-October. The original plan was to tackle our Big Bodacious Painting Project that week. However. I don't want her to spend the entire week painting. So. I will be tackling our painting project beginning today. 

I have given myself a month to get it all done. Every room except the 2 living rooms which we are leaving as is. I'll also be painting all of the trim, doors, hallway, and entryway. 

My goal this week is to get the dining room and home office done. 

We picked out some great colors yesterday when we escaped for a date for the first time since July

My goal this week is to spend Monday and Tuesday painting the dining room. I'm going to take a break from painting on Wednesday because I need to make homemade treats for our kids, bake fresh yummies for Lisa's work dinners and lunches for Thursday and Friday. Housework. Online Work at Home Dog Mom stuff.

Then, on Thursday and Friday, I'll paint our home office.

After publishing a couple of blog columns about our Big Bodacious Painting Project, someone reached out and said, "You can get it all done well before Lisa's vacation..."

Sure. I definitely could. 


We have kids. 

A good portion of my Work at Home Dog Mom life includes cooking and baking every single day because we're a homemade household. 

In fact, after I publish this blog column, I'll be whipping up some homemade chicken fajitas for Lisa's work dinner tomorrow. 

In addition, I have my usual Work at Home Dog Mom life stuff to do. Take the kids out multiple times a day. Playtime. Snuggle time. Housework. Snacks. Meals. Etc.

I am getting the painting done in between all of that...

Yes, it's challenging.


I'm determined.

More so, going from task to task to task has been so much easier than it was back in May of 2018. For so many reasons. 

I'll keep you posted.

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