Thursday, October 1, 2020

We Are Finally Moving Forth With Our Big Bodacious Painting Project


At the beginning of the week, I was super frustrated because, after a bout of cool and crisp Fall weather, we were hit with warm and humid temperatures for over a week. Due to the humidity, I had to postpone the next state of our Big Bodacious Painting Project. 

On the overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, we had a storm system move in that rocked our world. It was supposed to be a storm system that brought lots of much needed rain. As in 2-4 inches. 

We are in an extreme drought right now...

A lot of people we know were rejoicing this storm system because they have wells. Most of them have been without water since July. and August. Some are just barely getting by and having to change their filters every week. 

But, it's 2020. Instead, we received less than an inch of rain and a ton of wind that kept us and our kids awake much of the night. People woke up without power and downed trees. 

By 9 a.m. on Wednesday, the winds tapered off. 

Over the few hours to follow, the humidity faded. 

By the time Lisa left for work, we had most of our windows opened. 

I waited until later in the afternoon to begin my usual Wednesday baking. 

After breakfast this morning, we cleared our home office out. 


I say slowly because our kids are sensitive to change. They get extremely stressed out when we move furniture and remove decor from one room and put it into another. 

Clearing out our home office happened in segments and slowly. 

However, despite our best efforts, Coco and Willa began pacing and panting. Lobo soon followed. Sophie just paced from room to room to room. 

We spent a considerable amount of time reassuring our kids that everything was okay and we gave them extra treats. 

After Lisa left for work, I waited until the kids settled down for their afternoon nap. Then, the magic began. 

I managed to get all of the upper and lower trim painted before calling it a night. 

I'm just waiting for Lisa to get home from work. 

It's a late night for her. 

I'm hoping to get most of the rest of it done tomorrow.

Inhale slowly. 

Exhale slowly. 

If it happens. Great. 

If it doesn't. That's also great.

This is our house. Our home.

It will get done.

No stress.

This isn't a project we're doing for someone else with a deadline. 

It's our project.

Our Big Bodacious Painting Project.

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