Wednesday, October 14, 2020

A Happy Ending For Lennie


One of the features we instantly fell in love with when we bought our house in February of this year was the screened-in raised back porch. It's quiet. Tranquil. Our kids love laying in the sun. And, we wouldn't have to worry about bugs and critters getting in. We've had a few stink bugs and the occasional wasp sneak in, but that's it. Until today.

We have a lot of birds around here especially because we have our buffet of bird feeds in one of our backyards. Often times, they'll perch on the screens from the outside of the back porch. 

It's really cool. 

I was in the process of touching up the walls and trim in our home office. I didn't have my glasses on when I took a break on the back porch. 

When I walked out onto the back porch, I saw a bird. No glasses on. I thought it was a bird perched on the outside of the screen. 


It was on the inside of our back porch.


Lisa was at work. I sent her a text. At first, she thought I was joking. 


I sent her a photo.

Her response was, "WTF! How did that happen?"

She was as shocked as I was.

I kept a close eye on the bird. 

I named it Lennie. 

Lennie had spurts of trying to get out. It would go from screen to screen to screen.

Then, Lennie would chirp and its friends would perch on the outside of the screens trying to set Lennie free.

Although Lennie's persistence fascinated me, it tugged at my heartstrings. 

On several occasions, I attempted to gently capture Lennie so I could bring it outdoors to release, but Lennie was too afraid. My attempts to capture Lennie seemed to cause aggravation and stress. 

Eventually, Lennie rested. I brought out a bowl of water and some seed.

Lennie's friends continued to perch on the outside of the screens. I explained the situation to them. I was trying to help Lennie. I promised that by nightfall, we'd find a way to free Lennie.

I updated Lisa via text on the progress. Or, in my case, the lack of progress.

Lisa got out of work a little early. It was urgent that we captured Lennie by nightfall to release.

When Lisa arrived home, the sun was setting. We sat on the back porch. Lennie went from screen to screen to screen again. 

Lennie eventually tired out. Lisa was able to capture a very tired Lennie. The only entrance to our back porch is through the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop. 

Lennie settled down in Lisa's hand. She brought it into the workshop. I opened the window and the screen. Lisa stuck her hand out the window. 

Lennie flew off. 

It was a happy ending. 

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