Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Day Of Normality


Today was the day that I was supposed to finish painting our home office. However. It was dark and rainy. The home office only has a single window. If there is no sun, the lighting sucks for painting. Instead of painting, I caught up on work at home Dog Mom stuff, baking, housework, organized the pantry and linen closets, and other miscellaneous stuff. 

Our kids appreciated a day of normality. When I'm painting, they're curious. They like to investigate. If I'm on the floor doing the trim, they think it's playtime and they want extra belly rubs and my attention. 

I'm not complaining. 

Our kids are sensitive to change and that includes a disruption in what I usually do when Lisa is at work. My work at home Dog Mom stuff. They don't nap as soundly and they tend to be a little restless.

I could tell they appreciated a "normal" day. 

So did I and that had everything to do with eliminating the deadlines on our Big Bodacious Painting Project. 

I didn't feel guilty.

Lisa didn't care.

It was no big deal.

It will get done tomorrow. 

I'll give everything 24 hours to dry.

On Thursday, we'll finally have our home office back. 

Stay tuned...

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