Sunday, October 11, 2020

One More Week Until Staycation Begins


It has been a chaotic couple of weeks. Lisa covered the second shift in her department a couple of weeks ago. Last week, she covered the first shift. This coming week with the exception of tomorrow, she works her normal schedule. Then, she's on staycation for a week. We are counting the days.

Instead of having plans, we have a list of things that we'd like to get done...

Paint our bedroom and kitchen.

Conquer round 1 of leaf removal.

Trim the flowering bushes and plants on our property.

Mow the lawn for the last time this year.

Post a few items on the local yard sale site because I'm almost done cleaning out all of the closets.

Make a trip to Home Depot to buy the remaining primer and paint that we'll need for indoor painting.

What's great about Lisa's staycations since we bought our house in February is that they no longer revolve around other people's renovations, house and pet sitting, etc.

Although our list is long, there are no deadlines. 

No schedule.

We can do everything at our own pace.

We can take lots and lots of breaks to spend time with the kids and take them outside for playtime. 

Lisa can take downtime on the sofa with the kids. They love that.

If we want to take a break and head out for a few hours, we can.

We can eat dinner when we want.

Stay up late.

The possibilities are endless. 

One more week!

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