Thursday, September 3, 2020

The New Desk Chair Was Too Short For Me, But Coco Loves It


Every year for Mother's Day, the kids surprise each of us with a gift. It's something we've done every year. This year was no exception. The theme was chairs. I needed a comfortable desk chair for our home office. Lisa wanted a chair for lounging on our screened-in back porch. 

These are the chairs the kids bought us for Mother's Day. Within a week, they were delivered. Lisa got her chair a couple of days before mine arrived. 

Lisa was head over heels for her lounge chair. She loved it. Prior to our Summer weather turning miserably hazy, hot, humid, and rainless, she could be found napping occasionally on her chair.

My chair, well...

I really wanted to love it. 

I tried really hard to love it.


The chair was too short. That's a very odd statement coming from me because I have short legs. I don't think I've ever had a problem with a chair being too short unless it was a chair made for a child.

I was disappointed. 

If the chair was a few inches taller, it would have been my favorite chair ever.

We made the decision to return the chair. Lisa took it apart and put it in our entryway closet. It sat in the closet for a few weeks.


I had an idea.

We needed an accent chair for either one of our living rooms.

Lisa put the chair back together and immediately put it in our second living room. We weren't sure if we liked it by the window.

Coco obviously did. He laid on the chair for almost an hour.

When Coco got down, we moved it into our main living room where it has been since. 

And, Coco continues to enjoy the chair more than any of our kids.

Or us.

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