Tuesday, August 11, 2020

We Have A Few Things To Celebrate


Lisa and I opened our home again on Sunday for our local friends and people at Lisa's work who were still without power or waiting for their fridge/freezers to rev back up before restocking. We made a gigantic feast for everyone to enjoy and send everyone home with lots of food. We fed a couple of people yesterday. Most everyone has their power restored. Today we made the last of our picnic lunches and dinners. Lisa delivered. After spending 5 days in the kitchen cooking, baking, and prepping meals, I opened a bottle of wine to celebrate. 

We had a few things to celebrate.

Everyone has their power restored.

Lisa is on staycation this week and we can finally focus on a couple of big projects that we want to get done by the end of this weekend.


Tomorrow is Lisa's birthday.

Unfortunately because of COVID-19, we can't go where we normally go once a year to celebrate.

It's a secret where we go.


I'm making her a cake and a special birthday dinner. We're going to start the biggest of our 2 projects and we're very excited about this. 

I asked Lisa if she was disappointed that we couldn't go to our once-a-year secret destination. 

"Nope. We bought a house this year. I have the week off. I get to spend time with you and the kids. That's good enough for me."

Birthday. Bliss.

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