Friday, August 21, 2020

It Wasn't Me, Mommy...


Willa is our youngest child. The one with the most energy. At least 275 times a day, she drops one of her many "bally balls" at our feet, both indoors and outdoors, for us to throw. The continuous games of Fetch. And yes, this includes Willa dropping the ball at our feet while one of us is sitting on the toilet. 

So, today...

I was organizing my notes and checking emails. 

Willa dropped one of her Fetch balls at my feet. 

I was in the middle of making a phone call.

The person I was calling answered.

I told Willa, "Mommy will be right back..."

I walked to our back porch.

Had a 10-minute phone conversation.

When I walked back to the dining room table, I saw this.

I forgot to push my chair in, which I usually remember to, but...

Willa had obviously jumped onto the chair and got a hold of the many handwritten notes on the dining room table. 

I asked, "Did you take my notes off the desk and shred them, Willa?"

She just looked at me like this. 


I rubbed her belly.

She gave me juicy kisses.

All was forgiven.

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