Monday, July 6, 2020

We Miss Our Little Neighborhood Farmer's Market

I posted this photo back in 2018. One of our neighbor friends had just delivered this bounty from his garden. During the Summer months, he gave us freshly picked fruits and vegetables at least once a week. He had been doing that since July of 2012. As time went on, another neighbor friend of ours gave us fresh produce along with jarred pickles and relishes.

From July of 2012 to last Summer, our refrigerator was always stocked with fresh produce. In exchange, I baked pies and zucchini bread and other baked goods using some of the produce. I also made batches of fried green tomatoes and fried eggplant. Lisa delivered the goodies to our neighbor friends who provided us with the produce.

It was like a neighborhood Farmer's Market. 

The other day, Lisa suggested we frequent the local Farmer's Markets to get our produce every week instead of the grocery store.

I sighed. 

Lisa knew why because for the past week, I've been commenting on the number of photos I've seen of freshly picked produce on my social media streams.

I drool.

She knows how much I love fresh Summer produce.

She knows how much I miss the frequent deliveries of fresh Summer produce.

During a recent conversation with our old neighbor friend who used to deliver to us, he mentioned that he really misses my cooking and baking.

Lisa mentioned that we miss his fresh fruits and vegetables.

Starting next weekend, we'll be supporting our local farmers at the Farmer's Markets around town.

We'll be feasting on lots of produce.

We love it.

Our kids love it.

Total yum fest.

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