Saturday, July 18, 2020

This Is What Happens Now...

As of late, our schedule has been out of whack. Lisa got a promotion at work last month. Her hours changed a bit and on occasion, they fluctuate. We're all getting used to it, but we're making it work. Taking it day by day. Week by week. So far, so good.

Our kids are sensitive to change and since Lisa's hours have altered a bit, this is the scene when Lisa leaves the house. It doesn't matter if she's going to the grocery store or heading to work.

All 4 kids bark and follow Lisa to the gate that separates our entryway from the hallway. They bark and bark and bark until Lisa shuts the door.

Most of the time Coco is present, but on this particular day, he decided to remain in bed napping.

It happens all the time.

It gets loud, but we can't help but laugh.

Our kids are awesome.

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