Thursday, June 11, 2020

What You Will And Will Not See Us Doing

Our state is heading into phase 2 of reopening after closing down in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are a lot of restrictions still and masks are mandatory at a lot of locations, but people will finally be able to get their nails done and eat a meal inside of a restaurant. Most people are excited and lining up, however, Lisa and I will continue to live as we have over the past few months with a few exceptions.

What you won't see us doing...

Shopping at retail locations just because we feel like getting out and doing a little browsing and shopping. We usually only did that for the occasional date night when we both ventured out for dinner and fun.

We have date nights at home now and they're just as great. 

Making appointments at hair and nail salons. This mainly applies to Lisa. She has really short hair. An acquaintance of ours is a hairdresser and has a shop at home down the street. She does a fantastic job. I stopped coloring my hair a few years ago and my hair is all one length. Lisa trims mine.
As for the rest, neither one of us has fake nails. We also don't give a shit about our eyebrows and eyelashes.

We're pretty low maintenance.

Visit the gym. Nope. We get plenty of exercise tending to indoor and outdoor projects. And, now that I can play my music whenever I want to and we have all hardwood floors, I do a lot more dancing while tackling housework and cooking.

We consider that a lot more fun than walking or biking in place at a gym.

Eating at a restaurant. We never did much of that in the past because I can make better quality dishes here at home for a lot less. Every once in a while, we did go to our favorite breakfast place or seasonal restaurants for seafood, but we're making those items too at home.

So much better. 

Going to the movies.

We've never been to the movies because it's not something we enjoy so I'm not even sure why I mentioned that.

Hosting large Summer parties. In the past, we've always had Summer gatherings with lots of food, adult beverages, a backyard fire, etc. Not this year.

I can't entirely blame the COVID-19 pandemic for that decision, but...

What you will see us doing...

Going back to our old method of meal planning and grocery shopping. Since March, Lisa has gone grocery shopping every 2-3 weeks. Being able to plan meals for Lisa and me was difficult because of the empty shelves. I always had backup plans. The store shelves are stocked again. We are able to grocery shop once a week and get 98% of the items on the list.

That includes flour, eggs, sugar, and yeast which was impossible to find a month ago.

Shopping online. That's something we've always done. I have been an online shopper for well over a decade. The deals are much better and you can't beat the online coupons. However, when our state shut down, I was forced to purchase items online that we used to buy instore such as wax melts, thread, laundry soap, the vitamins for our kids, office supplies, etc.

We prefer online shopping, but it's nice to purchase certain items when Lisa runs the occasional errand. 

Enjoying our time at home. We bought a house back in February with lots of yards. We have quite a few indoor and outdoor projects that we want to get done this year as well as lots of stuff we want to build and create in the woodshop and the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop. In addition, we have a gorgeous screened-in back porch that we enjoy spending time on. It's peaceful here. No bullshit. No drama.

We raise our homebody glasses.

Living our best life. Lisa. The kids. Myself. The past year has been enormous on so many levels. The Universe shifted. Did quite a few shimmy shakes. We made a lot of big decisions that transpired into big changes. It all happened when it was supposed to. We learned quite a bit before and after we moved. Those lessons made us wiser. We closed some chapters. Opened new ones.

We are humble and grateful for it all.  

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