Sunday, June 7, 2020

We Never Planted Our Strawberries Last Year. That Was A Good Thing.

We all love strawberries. Lisa. Our kids. Myself. Last Spring, we purchased quite a few strawberry plants. We had every intention of creating a small strawberry patch on the side lawn. We had permission from our "landlord." We knew we would not get strawberries that year. That was fine. We just wanted to create a patch for the following Spring/Summer. 

The strawberry plants sat in their original pots for several weeks. We got busy. Digging up and creating the space for a strawberry patch moved further and further down our list. 

Finally, Lisa repotted them in several long, rectangular containers. Our neighbor friend who is experienced with fruit bushes and patches told us to cover the plants with hay in the Fall. 

That's what we did. 

Lisa felt bad for not creating our strawberry patch. I told her not to worry about it. She had her hands full with work and large quantities of yardwork. She was mowing the lawn every week. When the Fall season hit, she was tending to leaf removal once a week.

I told her that we would create our strawberry patch the following early Spring.

Little did we both know that the Universe was shifting. Doing those little shimmy shakes.

The Universe knew a big change was on the horizon.

We did not.

Well, at least not until mid-November and, more so, in January.

When we bought a house in February and moved a few days after our closing date, at the top of the outdoor List O' Things To Not Forget were our strawberry plants.

On our Big Bodacious Moving Day, February 22, our strawberry plants were loaded into the U-Haul truck.

They are currently on our back porch which gets a lot of sun.

Today we picked a quart of strawberries. We enjoyed a few including our kids. I used the rest to make a single jelly jar of homemade strawberry jam. Lisa was outside mowing our lawn and tending to yard work.

When the jam cooled, I made Lisa a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich for lunch. I munched on a few honey sesame sticks.

At some point, Lisa said, "I'm so glad we didn't dig up the ground and plant our strawberries last year."

That sentence held so much truth. And, it spoke paragraphs more.

I took a sip of my lemonade.

"Yep. Me too."

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