Monday, June 15, 2020

We Finally Have The End Tables That We Have Wanted

At our old home that we rented for almost 8 years, we never had matching end tables in the living room. That was okay because our end tables were pieces that Lisa and I had bought at yardsales and refinished. They were gorgeous and still are. When we moved into the house we bought in February, we continued to use them as end tables in one of our two living rooms. However. I had something else in mind. 

That "something else" transpired over a period of time for several reasons...

Both of our living rooms were painted a gorgeous shade of gray by the sellers.

We didn't want the same color scheme in both living rooms.

Last month, we bought new curtains. Similar print, but different shades.

Our main living room is blue and gray. 

Our second living room is burgundy and gray. 

Which meant our existing end tables would not match and would be better suited as nightstands in our bedroom.

Lisa and I had a similar design in mind. We wanted something rustic. Distressed. Primitive. Simple. Wabi-Sabi. Something with character. 

Sure, we could have bought what we wanted at a store. And right around that time, someone on my social media stream had purchased end tables that matched what we wanted. For almost $300 each. 


We did not want store bought. 

Late last week, I showed Lisa a few photos of something very similar to what we wanted. 

A neighbor of ours gave us some wood after we gave him lots of gravel. We didn't ask for the wood. Lisa told him that we make DIY projects. He had a lot of wood that he wasn't going to use. He gave it to us.

I made him cookies. He's a happy dude.

Lisa used a lot of that wood in addition to a few pieces that she had purchased recently. Delivered by another cool dude.

He got cookies too. 

She constructed the end tables in her woodshop.

We picked out the color based on one of the colors of the curtains. 

I worked my magic in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop. 


We did it. 

We have the end tables that we have always wanted. 

Total DIY Dog Mom Project proud moment. 

Our next project will be an entertainment center with a Nappy Nook for our kids at the bottom. 

It will happen. 

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