Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Try Something New. Challenge Yourself.

On Saturday, I made homemade berry turnovers using puff pastry. I used fresh berries. When cooled, I topped them with my vanilla buttercream drizzle. This was kind of a big deal because up until Saturday if we had a hankering for puff pastry turnovers, we bought them. Pepperidge Farm. Bake and serve. There was a reason for this. 

Puff pastry is time consuming and it intimidates me. 

Well, it used to intimidate me.

There have been other food items over the years that have intimated me, but I have eventually tackled and conquered. Bread. Pasta. Pie crust. Ice cream. Egg rolls. Vegetarian sushi. 

The list goes on.

In my quest to greatly shorten our store-bought list over the years, I have diligently braved the above items and more. 

I've had lots of success, but there is always room for improvement.

Making puff pastry turnovers this weekend definitely inspired me. 

I need to make more. Tackle more. Improve more. 

I need to challenge myself to make at least one item a week that intimidates me.

At first try, like with most things, I'll have to make adjustments, but that's okay. 

It's all about the challenge. 

The inspiration.

The journey.

The success.

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