Monday, June 1, 2020

Appearance! Content! Photos! Oh My!

Last month I wrote a blog column addressing an email that an old friend of mine had sent me. It was an email that got my brain spinning light a hamster wheel. It kept me awake at night. Even after I published the blog column, it's been at the forefront of my brain. I have reflected. I talked about it with Lisa. I have made some decisions. I am focused. I have a direction. All in all, I'm quite excited about all of this. 

I'll be making a few major changes in the days and weeks ahead...

1. Blog appearance. I began this blog back in July of 2015. The entire format has remained the same. It's time to redesign it. Give it a new life. Freshen up the colors. It's time. It'll be a cool way to commemorate the 5 year anniversary of Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life.

2. Blog content. This blog was never intended to be solely about our kids. There are a lot of Dog Mom/Dog Parent blogs out there who focus entirely on their dogs and other pets that include information on training, recipes, flea and tick control, traveling with your dog, dog products, etc. The ones I've come across are excellent and provide an abundance of information, but I think that particular corner of the blogosphere has been too crowded. 

When I chose the name for this blog prior to bringing it to life, I wanted the title to reflect the purpose. The title 'Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life' does just that. We're Dog Moms. Our kids are the center of our world. However, I wanted this blog to be about our life as a whole. Well rounded. 

In addition to blog columns about our kids and the homemade dog treat recipes I've created, I wanted to publish blog columns about our daily life, issues in the world that have affected us, tips and advice that we've adhered to, recipes for humans, work stuff, food, etc.

To explain this a little better, I have a handful of bloggers that I read frequently and have done so for many years. All of these bloggers have human kids, but their blog is not "Mommy Blog" themed. In other words, the content isn't 100% about their human kids and all human kid-related stuff.

The bottom line, when you read this blog, it's not going to be entirely about our furry kids. 

3. More photos. The last 6 months of 2019 was a crashing time for me in terms of electronics. My laptop began crashing. The Chromebook Lisa bought me for my 40th birthday died. And, the camera Lisa bought for me in January of 2012 started acting up. Everything I needed to work online malfunctioned almost all at once. 

For my birthday last December, Lisa and the kids surprised me with an incredible brand new camera. Professional grade. When she presented it to me, my mouth hit the floor. At the time, we were super busy with our Bodacious 2019 Holiday pieces. We sold quite a bit. I didn't have time to read the thick instruction book and learn how to use the new camera. 

After the Holiday season, we began the process of buying a house. Between packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, and then the whole COVID-19 pandemic, the camera is still in the box. 

Lisa is taking some vacation days over the next couple of weeks. I am determined to spend a few hours learning how to use my new camera and to embrace all of the cool features.

4. Social Media. I seriously need to update the Bodacious Biscuit Love and Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life Facebook pages. For the past year, I've posted one thing on both most every single day. I need to start posting blog columns and generating conversations. I need to build those communities up again. 

I have social media streams that I have abandoned for many months. I need to make a comeback. Post! Post! Post!

I'll be able to do that now because part of finishing our home office was purchasing new electronics including a really great laptop. 

Those are just a few of the changes. 

I have a lot more up my sleeve.

My goal is to have most of this accomplished by the end of this month. 

And, I'll be enjoying the entire journey along the way.

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