Sunday, May 17, 2020

Onion Rolls And Electronics

I made homemade onion rolls for Lisa. They're her favorite. I don't make them often because they're a little time-consuming. In addition to making the dough, I have to finely dice a medium onion. Simmer half of it in butter until partially cooked. Let cool. Add to the dough when I knead it. Then, with the other half of the onion, I make sugared onions to spread on the top after they're done rising and ready to go into the oven.

Although I make homemade bread products a couple of times a week, I keep it simple. This time around, I wanted to make her favorite and it didn't matter how long it took.

There was a reason for this. 

When we bought our house in February, we made the decision to convert the smallest of the 3 bedrooms into a home office. At the time, my laptop was slowly dying. I was able to use it, but I was extremely limited to what I was able to do.

Lisa hounded me for several months to shop around and buy a new laptop. However, a couple of weeks after the holiday season, we began the process of buying our new house. Packing and planning our move and unpacking and settling in was at the top of our list.

Finally, Lisa put her foot down a few weeks ago.

It was time.

I shopped around and found a really great laptop. We made the purchase online. A week later, it was delivered.

Best. Laptop. Ever.

Last weekend, the set of speakers we had died.

Lisa didn't waste any time. She knows how much I love music. We both do. She bought a set of Bose speakers. Online.

They were delivered yesterday.

What a surprise.

The sound quality is incredible.

Our home office is officially complete.



We're eventually going to paint it a different color, but that's going to happen until the Fall season.

So, that's why I made onion rolls.

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