Sunday, May 24, 2020

Another Lil' Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Is Done!

Last weekend we received a gorgeous rustic ladder that measured at almost 6 feet tall. It was a gift that we really appreciated. We had the perfect spot for it. The short wall that separated both of our living rooms.

The wood was a bit tattered. A few of the stepping pieces needed to be repaired. The entire ladder needed to be sanded. Primed. Painted.

Lisa took care of the reconstruction and sanding in her woodshop. I took care of the rest in our Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

For the color, we opted for a flat Barn Red.

We absolutely love it. It's the perfect piece to separate both of our living rooms. I added a couple more rustic fabric dolls to it because...

If you take a peek to the right side of the finished ladder, you'll notice a solid wood bookshelf that is Ivy Green.

We need to do a few repairs on that too and repaint it.

A couple of the rustic fabric dolls will go back onto the bookshelf.

Little by little.

Day by day.

We're getting shit done.

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