Monday, March 30, 2020

It's The Thought That Counts

Back in December, we made this incredible DIY dog bed for some friends of ours who had just recently adopted a senior pup. They have big hearts. Their 2 other furry kids are rescue pups. We absolutely adore this couple for so many reasons. 

Their newly adopted senior loved the DIY dog bed.

Earlier this month, another couple who we are friends with adopted a rescue pup. During our House Warming party, they showed us photos. At the time, they had filled out the application. Within a few days, everything was approved.

We really wanted to make them a DIY dog bed with a DIY mattress, quilt, and pillows. But, we didn't have the supplies.

Right now, we're amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lisa is an essential employee. Because of that, we have greatly reduced our travels and exposure.

What that translates to is...

I have kept myself quarantined for almost a month.

Lisa goes to the grocery store and our local drugstore every other week.

Venturing to Home Depot and other retail locations for wood, paint, fabric, and other supplies has been put on hold until our state is in the clear.

We wanted to make something special for our friends and the new addition to their family.


We worked with what we had.

Lisa made a simple toybox in her woodshop.

I worked magic in my workshop with paint and detailing.

Then, I made a bone-shaped pillow with some quilted fabric and used the last of my poly-filling.

We included a bag of homemade pup treats.

Our friends and Katie loved everything.

It didn't matter that we couldn't make what we wanted.

It was the thought that mattered.

Big. Huge. Smile.

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