Saturday, February 15, 2020

We Will Miss You, Our Sweet Olivia

In November of 2016, we adopted our sweet Olivia. It was more of a rescue situation. Her previous life was a bit grim. We took her in and she immediately became part of our family. That evening shortly before Petco closed, we purchased her habitat, food, Timothy Hay, treats, bowls, a water bottle, etc. 

A few days later, we took her to the doctors to make sure she was okay and to get training on how to trim her nails. Originally, we were told that our newly rescued Guinea Pig was a boy. That's when "Oliver" became "Olivia." We also learned that she was about 4 years old.

We added another Christmas stocking to our collection and bought her a Santa hat. She was a happy girl all the way around. 

In the years to follow, Olivia thrived from all of the love and attention and an abundance of fresh produce. She had a big personality and had no qualms with letting us know what she wanted and when she wanted it. Olivia was a creature of habit and if she wanted lettuce at 4:30 a.m., she'd make sure to wake us up with her loud squeaking.

Last night, when I gave Olivia her evening snack of carrots and lettuce, she ate with gusto.

That was Olivia's last snack.

This morning, Lisa went into the room where her habitat is to give her fresh water, food, and her hay.

At some point on the overnight, Olivia passed away.

There was no warning.

I broke down in tears.

We both did.

Over the years, a few friends of mine have had Guinea Pigs.

They've all mentioned the same thing...

They're fine and then on the overnight, they pass away from old age as our Olivia did.

We are both sad, however, she lived the last of her years loved and spoiled.

Rest in peace, our sweet Olivia.

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