Monday, February 24, 2020

The Kids Are Loving Our New Home For So Many Reasons

If you're just tuning in, last Wednesday we closed on our new house. Yep. We are officially homeowners. Our Big Move was Saturday. We turned in the keys to our apartment on Sunday. Later that afternoon, we exhaled a bit with our kids.

Over the past few days, I've received quite a few messages asking how our kids are doing. Do they like the new house? Are they settling in? 

Throughout the entire process of buying a house, our kids have been our top priority. 

As they always are.

They are all sensitive to change. 

This is why I have packed in spurts over the past few weeks. 

Over the past week, I made an abundance of their homemade treats and peanut butter chicken meatballs to freeze. I cooked lots of lean meat to freeze. I made and mashed extra sweet potatoes to freeze. 

We wanted to make sure they had plenty of everything during the transition period.

Saturday was the most difficult day. We set up dog beds with lots of blankets in the former workshop. For safety reasons, that's where they stayed while both outside doors were opened while the Big Move took place. 

When it was time to go (to our new) home, Lisa brought the kids to our vehicle one by one.

I was in the back seat. 

Lisa brought the kids into our (new) home one by one. 

The kids explored our (new) home for about an hour. 

Our (new) home is all hardwood floors. 

Lisa and I laughed at all of the pitter pattering of their feet.

We fed the kids dinner. They all ate. We took them outside one by one. 

Lisa left for a few minutes to pick up our dinner.

You know what happened after she returned?

The kids curled up on the sofa and reclining chair. 

Snuggled with their favorite blankets.

Slept sound.

Lisa and I sat at the dining room table completely amazed.

We expected the kids to take days or weeks to adjust and decompress.


They adapted to their usual routine in our (new) home the following day. 

We both noticed an immediate change in all of our kids.

They are relaxed.

At peace.

Napping sound.

Lobo hasn't barked incessantly like he used to the point of vomiting.

Sophie hasn't growled or barked.

Coco run from room to room to room barking because he's afraid. 

Willa isn't jumpy and no longer flinches.

That was especially more noticeable today after Lisa left for work.

The kids settled down for their morning nap. 

They were not disturbed by the tromping of big dogs running down the back stairs and barking and jumping at our back door.

They were not on edge because of the excessive stomping, slamming of doors, loud music, loud voices, or someone kicking our back door on purpose.

Day after day after day...

It's quiet here.

Very. Very. Quiet.

Our kids are doing incredible.

They almost seem to be relieved.

We are very happy Dog Moms because of this.

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