Friday, February 21, 2020

A Much Needed Wine Date The Night Before We Move Into Our New House

We closed on our new house on Wednesday. I have spent the past couple of days packing the last of our belongings and cleaning. I'm worn out. There is still a lot of odds and ends stuff to do. Lisa is still covering second shift. She had to work 3-11 today. My plan was to get everything done because tomorrow is our Big Move day. However, that changed.

One of our neighbor friends asked if I wanted to have a glass of wine with her. My immediate response was that I had too much stuff to get done before moving tomorrow.

But then...

While vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpets, I thought about one of the mantras I embrace.

"Busy is just an excuse."

I know there are some genuine occasions when you simply can't drop what you're doing to visit with a friend.

Moving into a new house the next day is probably one of them.

However, I decided to adhere to my mantra and my friend's advice.

"Girl, you need to take a break!"

I sent her a text asking if 7 would be too late for a visit and wine.

Shortly before 7, my friend showed up with a rather big bottle of wine.

We sipped out of Styrofoam cups.



She was still there when Lisa got home from work.

I had an absolute blast.

Those hours we spent at the table sipping and snackin' were much needed on so many levels.

I'm exhausted and we have to get up early for our Big Move day tomorrow.


It was worth every minute.

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