Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Today I Was Reminded Of The 1998 Ice Storm

We had a winter storm that began on the overnight and continued through today. It was one of those winter storms where no one could accurately predict what was going to happen and where. On the overnight, it snowed. About a half hour before Lisa left for work, we had sleet and freezing rain. 

Through the morning, afternoon, and early evening hours, we got slammed with freezing rain. It coated the trees and powerlines.

I took this photo around noon.

It's not often that I am reminded of the ice storm of 1998, but today I was. 

Back in 1998, Lisa was the manager of one of the X-Tra Marts in Laconia, New Hampshire. I was her manager in training. 

We were also in a relationship.

I don't remember many details, but what I do remember is that we had freezing rain for about 2 days on and off.

Pretty much everyone lost power.

Including us. 

Our entire area and surrounding communities were paralyzed.

People swarmed into our store for hot breakfast sandwiches, coffee, hot chocolate, deli sandwiches, etc.

It was almost impossible to keep the parking lot salted and sanded.

Lisa and I still get a good laugh at her attempting to change the gas price signs during the storm. 

She slid on her ass from the steps to the sign. 

We only lost power for a few hours.

But most people didn't have power for a week or more.

When the storm finally ended and the sun came out, Lisa and I took a drive around town and down the bypass. 

The scenery was unbelievable. 

Everything was coated in at least an inch of crystal clear ice.

I know that today's ice storm is nothing compared to what we witnessed back in 1998, but it definitely is nostalgic. 

Especially when I begin to see a coating of ice on the branches and powerlines and start to see tiny icicles hanging from both.


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