Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Rush Is Over. Exhale.

After a record 6 day stretch of Christmas baking, yesterday was the last day. As with each year, I always save Lisa's favorites for last. Brown butter cranberry bread made with my homemade cranberry compote. Peanut butter kiss cookies. And, festive peanut butter balls.

I celebrated the occasion.


I cracked open a bottle of one of my favorite wines.

Taylor Brooke Winter Pomegranate.

Between my last blog post and today's post, a few other things happened.

I baked quite a few of my gigantic chocolate chip cookies drizzled with milk chocolate. This is the first year I offered them and they sold out.

I also made my famous Christmas Munch to add to gift bags and baskets. It's a pain in the ass to make, but it's worth it. 

We hand made a dog bed for a very special couple who has 3 rescue fur kids. They just recently adopted the 3rd furry kid a few weeks ago. A senior. We wanted to do something special for them. 
All 3 of their fur kids love the bed. We received lots of photos and videos. 

Today, it's Christmas Eve. 

Lisa has to work. 

She'll be home early. 

We're going to visit a couple of our neighbor friends. 

Then, we're going to unwind. 

Enjoy our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of our favorite finger foods.

It has been a busy season. 


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