Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Our Bodacious Slat Style Chubby Snowmen Were A Hit

This was the photo I posted yesterday on my personal Facebook wall. I announced that our slat style chubby snowmen were done and I would be posting them tomorrow (today). Yes, they were purposely turned around for the photo so people couldn't see the finished product just yet. People responded. Within a relatively short amount of time, I realized I probably should have made more than 5.

I only made 5 because we were not offering to ship these chubby snowmen because of the weight.

One sweet lady asked if she could put her order in now.

Another sweet lady commented that she wanted 4.

Earlier today, I posted this photo.

Accompanying the photo was this...

"Our slat style chubby snowmen are done, however, these nuggets of handmade cuteness have all found homes.

Over the next couple of days, I'll be working on custom orders. THEN, I've got a workshop full of cut and sanded wood for LOTS more 2019 Bodacious Holiday pieces.

Stay tuned..."

We do have a few more chubby snowmen made, but we're saving those for our 2019 Bodacious Holiday bundles.


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