Wednesday, November 13, 2019

It Is Too Close To Home...

I received a message from a neighbor early this morning alerting me that 2 people in our neighborhood had their cars ransacked on the overnight. When I passed it on to our neighbor friends, one of them let me know that her husband's car had been ransacked too. The news of the ransacks did not settle well with me. It's too close to home. Literally.

We live in a great neighborhood.

I know that does not make us immune to crime. 

We are fortunate enough to have neighbors who keep us informed and give us a heads up when there is suspicious activity.

We moved into our home in July of 2012. The only break-in that we know of since happened a year after we moved in. It was a couple of houses down and they suspected the offender was a friend or family member.

The only other nuisance we've had over the years has been persistent solicitors.

Now, this.

Aside from the news not settling well with me, I'm also angry.

Over the past few months, there have been a lot of cars that have been broken into nearby. I read about it on a few local resident Facebook pages.

One of the first questions people ask is, "Was your car locked?"

The majority of them did not lock their car doors.

A handful had their windows smashed because their car was locked.


What angers me is that it shouldn't matter if the car door was locked or not.

WHY do people think it's okay to take items that don't belong to them?

It doesn't matter if it's from a car, home, store, etc.

If it doesn't belong to you, don't take it.

People work hard for what they have.

It's always angered me when I hear about people stealing from others.

It also scares me a bit that it's happening in our neighborhood.

It's unsettling.

I don't like it.

We hate leaving the kids on occasion when we venture out for a few hours.

Now, we're going to hate it even more.

This is too close to home.

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