Sunday, October 13, 2019

Our Weekends Are Far From Mundane

Lisa tended to a bit of yard work today and then put the final touches on the outdoor Halloween decorations she put up yesterday. I was inside making granola bars and other homemade snacks for Lisa's work lunches and prepping a gorgeous Sunday dinner. When Lisa was finished, she relaxed on the sofa for a bit with our kids. I continued to bake and cook. 

While waiting for snacks to bake, I worked on blog columns and scrolled through my social media streams. People were posting photos left and right of their Fall vacations, weekend getaways, wine tasting, day trips to leaf peep, etc.

As I'm scrolling through these photos, I could hear Lisa snoring on the sofa with all of our kids napping with her. Olivia was screeching because she wanted a second slice of apple. The timer was going off letting me know that the apple cinnamon bars were done baking.

For most, on the outside looking in, our weekend must have appeared to be rather mundane. 


It wasn't.

Yesterday, we took a trip to our favorite orchard because it was the first day of their Fall Festival. Before heading out, we picked up one of our neighbor friends who has become family. She's in her 70's. 

We took the scenic route. Our friend shared stories along the way about the places and houses we passed. 

While at the orchard, I grabbed our usual favorite butternut and spaghetti squash. Our friend encouraged me to try different varieties of squash. She taught me how to pick the good ones out and how to cook them. 

We feasted on homemade cider donuts and sampled some of the other goods available. 

We had lots of laughs. 

We took a different scenic route back.

When we got home, I grabbed a batch of egg salad that we had made earlier that morning for a friend of ours. We ventured to her location to deliver and was treated to lunch, great conversation, and a few laughs. 

We ran a couple of errands.

Then, we decided it was the perfect evening for a backyard fire. We invited our neighbor friends. It was last minute, but a few were able to join us.

It was honestly a great evening to wrap up a gorgeous day.

Today is today.

Our typical Sunday.

All of the errands are done.

Housework is done.

The Halloween decorations are done.

Yard work is done.

Lisa got a few hours to unwind on the sofa with our kids. Napping. They love that time with her.

We ended our day with a scrumptious dinner and dessert.

Had family snuggle time. 

Early bedtime because 4 a.m. shows up very early...

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