Wednesday, August 7, 2019

This Year, We Are Doing Something A Little Different For Lisa's Upcoming Birthday

Lisa and I do not exchange Christmas gifts or any other holiday gifts. I've written about that numerous times on this blog. The only exception is our wedding anniversary and birthdays. We always celebrate Life and Love. For Lisa's birthday, the kids and I usually purchase her a single big gift. This year, we decided to do something different.

At the beginning of last week, I sat on the floor. In our kitchen. All of the kids surrounded me. Curled up beside of me.

"Okay, kids. This year, we are doing something completely different. Instead of buying Mommy one big gift for her birthday, we're going to surprise her with multiple smaller gifts. She'll get 1 gift a day starting next Monday or Tuesday through her actual birthday."

The kids wagged their tails. 

They definitely approved. 

This process was no easy feat. 

The kids and I wanted to choose gifts that were symbolic. 

As in, various items that she has mentioned wanting over the past few months or so. 

I sat on the floor with the kids for almost 2 hours. 

We picked out a lot of cool gifts. 

Most of the gifts were delivered on Tuesday well before she got home.

I wrapped her first gift with a handmade card explaining that she would be given 1 gift a day through her birthday. 

Yesterday's gift was a leather wallet. She loved it.

The leather wallet that Lisa has now is one I bought her back in 2011 at the Big E Fair. It's falling apart. The ID flap ripped off about 2 months ago.

When she discovered that it had ripped off, she said, "I think it's time for a new wallet."

Now she has one.

Today's gift is the Food Network Oak Handle Grilling Tongs

We fire up the grill year-round. 

Lisa always grabs my kitchen tongs that are not suitable to use on an outdoor grill. They are too short and the handle is made of rubber.

The Food Network Oak Handle Grilling Tongs are very long. Oak handle. Made for grilling.

She'll be happy. 

Tomorrow's gift...

Well, I'm not going to tell.

Lisa does not read this blog. She hates to read. But, with my luck, if I do tell, it'll be the one time she reads this blog. 

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