Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Lisa Is Down With The Sickness. Our Kids Have Deemed It As Mission Snuggle Time.

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that Lisa woke up congested and run down the day we celebrated her birthday. By the time I tucked her and the kids into bed, I knew it wasn't allergies. When she woke up yesterday morning for work, I knew. Head cold. Chest cold. Sore throat. Fatigue. It progressed as her workday went on. By the time she got home, she was completely worn out. I made sandwiches for dinner. She barely had the energy to eat.

This morning, Lisa was a bit worse. She ended up leaving work around 11 a.m. A quick trip to the doctor. Home.

I gave her an hour to do what she wanted and needed to do. After that, I wanted her on the sofa. Resting. 

She didn't put up any resistance. That's when I know whatever Lisa is plagued with is kicking her ass because she's not one to just sit and do nothing.

Not even a minute after Lisa extended the leg rest on the sofa, all 4 kids stopped what they were doing and jumped up on the sofa with Lisa. 

I'm sitting here giggling because I immediately thought of Charlie's Angels. When they got an assignment, the Angels stopped what they were doing and fled to the scene. 

Our kids did just that.

"One of our Mommies is sick. Let's go. Mission Snuggle Time."

Coco and Sophie are curled up between Lisa's legs. Lobo is up against Lisa's left hip and armrest. Willa is curled up against Lisa's other hip.

I can hear Lisa snoring. 

My schedule for today has completely altered. That's okay.

I'm fairly certain she's taking a sick day tomorrow.

I told her that if she did, it would be the same scenario as this afternoon. 

On the sofa. Resting. 

The kids looked at me as if to say, "Mission Snuggle Time Part 2."

 Enough said.

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