Tuesday, July 16, 2019

This Upcoming Extreme Heatwave Is No Joke

So far, this week has been awesome! Lisa has been getting out of work by 3:30 p.m. That hasn't happened in about 4 1/2 months. I'm not pulling double duty in the late afternoons and evenings. We've eaten dinner much earlier. Lisa gets to spend more time with the kids. All the way around, it's been wonderful. However, as with any week, there's always a wrench or 2 that get thrown in. This afternoon, the proverbial wrench made an appearance.

Complements of Mother Nature.

Yes, I know it's Summer. It's July. For us, that's usually the hottest month out of the year. I was aware that Saturday was going to be brutal. 


This afternoon, our local news channel put us on an early warning weather alert Friday through Monday because of the extreme heat and humidity.

On Saturday and Sunday, the heat index will be between 105 and 110. 

Hazy. Hot. Humid.

In addition, they've declared that this will be the hottest July on record.

Our sweet friend Carol is traveling to our home on Saturday for an early dinner. The original plan was to fire up the grill, let the kids run around, eat outdoors, and have a backyard fire to end the evening.

Carol is still visiting us, but we're staying indoors. I'm making a gorgeous spread of cold foods like a cold pasta salad, vegetable platter, bruschetta, a cheese, fruit and cracker platter, homemade cheesecake, etc. 

The kids will have very limited time outdoors. 

We're keeping our fingers and toes and paws crossed that we don't have a blackout.

If you've ever lost power during an extreme heatwave, you know that's no fun.

Lisa will also not be doing yard work or mowing the lawn. 

We've got severe storms moving in tomorrow and Thursday. Although the kids and I hate storms, we need rain. The lawns are already starting to show patches of light brown.

My goal is to get all of the housework and laundry done before Friday. I'm going to cook extra meals for the kids just in case we lose power. 

All of us will be enjoying the weekend hunkered down. Staying cool. Lots of indoor playtimes with the kids. Lots of Yahtzee at the table with Lisa. 

If you're in our neck of the woods, please keep cool. Keep your furry kids cool. Limit their outdoor time and yours. Keep hydrated. This heatwave is dangerous.

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