Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I Do Not Want To Adult Today

This morning, shortly after I woke up, I walked into the kitchen to get my second cup of morning coffee. As always, I checked on the kids. All 4 of them were sprawled out. Quiet. In their favorite spots. This doesn't happen often and, of course, I didn't have my camera or phone on me to take photos. As I stood there, they all looked at me as if to question my existence. I cracked a smile, exhaled slowly, and said, "What a life..."

On my way back to the home office, I thought, "Today, I want to be one of our kids..."

I want to sleep in. Comfortably. Covered in my favorite blankets.

I don't want to worry about work, housework, responsibilities, and tackling the to-do lists on my desk.

I want to run through the house barking because I heard a squirrel fart or someone walking down the back stairs.

I want to be fed snacks and meals without having to contend with meal prep, cooking, baking, or cleaning the kitchen.

I want to run around the yard and pee on the lilac bush and shit on the lawn.

I want to play for an hour, take a long drink of water, and then find a comfy spot to nap.

I want to stretch out in a sunny spot on the carpet.

I want to curl up on one of the doggy beds and nap again after another hour of playtime.

I want to lay on the sofa and look cute while people kiss my head.

I want to lay on someone's lap while they feed me bits of food.

I want someone to take photos of me throughout the day simply because I'm adorable.

I'd like to have a back rub periodically throughout the day.

I want someone to take me for a ride to get ice cream.

I want my head rubbed as I take my 12th nap today.

I want to take every toy out of the toy boxes and not have to worry about picking them up.


No such luck.

I'm at my desk. Sipping coffee. Adulting.


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