Friday, June 21, 2019

When I Go Outside Alone For Over 10 Minutes, This Happens

I take small breaks throughout the day. On the front porch. They last for about 10 minutes. It's my escape from the confines of our home. Once in a while, if the weather is super gorgeous and the birds are entertaining me, I'll stay outside for a bit longer. When that happens...this happens. If I'm outside longer than 10 minutes, all 4 kids greet me at the door. 

I'm fairly certain I spent about 20 minutes on the front porch soaking in some vitamin D and watching the birds feast on our buffet of feeders.

I'm not going to lie. I lost track of time. 

As usual, all 4 kids meet met at the door. I was outside for too long.

Coco and Lobo barked at me. They clearly disapproved of the length of time I was outside.

Sophie sniffed my feet and ankles because she wanted to make sure I hadn't pet any other pups during my absence.

Willa demanded a belly rub.

Then, they all sat in the kitchen gazing at me as if they were abandoned and orphaned.

Total Dog Mom guilt on my end.

Extra snack time on their end.


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