Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Disappearing List O' Chores

We had a busy weekend in preparation for the upcoming week. Lisa is taking a few staycation days and I'm determined to stay unplugged for most of it. Because I'm a Work at Home Dog Mom, I'm always plugged in. Nothing personal, but I need a break from the virtual world.

Lisa spent most of the weekend tending to small projects around the house and yard work. I spent most of that time in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop working on 3 items in our home that I've been wanting to give makeovers to.

It finally happened.

I'm about 90% finished. Tomorrow, they'll be done.

We got up fairly early this morning. I made a quick list of all the stuff I wanted to get done today in addition to working on the 3 items.

It was on the table beside my laptop.

As Lisa or myself completed a task, I crossed it off.

Lisa finished one of the chores on the list. I was in the middle of applying a second coat of paint and asked if she could cross it off the list.

"What list?"

"The one on the table beside the laptop."

"There is no list here."

"It was there an hour ago when I crossed something off."

"Well, it's not here now."

"I didn't move it."

"Neither did I."

About an hour later, Lisa informed me that she found the list.

"Can you cross off what you've done."

"I can't."


"Come see for yourself."

There it was. On the kitchen table. Our list. Torn up and damp.

I laughed.

I knew instantly it was Willa.

Once in a while, her adorable mischievous self will grab one of my many notes from the table and rip it up on the bed or sofa.

She doesn't eat paper, she just likes to rip it up.


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