Saturday, May 25, 2019

I Made Two Announcements On My Facebook Wall This Week

I took this photo of Lisa this afternoon. She hates it. Says it makes her look "fat." I hate that word. But. I posted the photo on my personal Facebook wall. Accompanying the photo was the second of two special announcements I made over the past week.

I was a bit hesitant about posting the first announcement which did not include a photo...

"I didn't make any announcements. As of yet. But. As of now. Since January of this year, my wife and I have lost a total combination of almost 100 pounds. We've both gone down 2 sizes. Proud moment. That. Is. All."

The response was overwhelming.

For those who have read this blog over the years, you know that Lisa and I have made a considerable amount of changes in our life. One of the biggest has been the foods that we eat.

A few years ago, we were feasting on takeout food 3-4 times a week. Our kids were literally eating better than us because all of their meals and snacks are homemade. We've always taken the time to prepare them lean meats (chicken, beef, and seafood) along with raw and cooked vegetables, fresh seasonal fruit, and healthy starches. And, all of their treats are homemade.

When it came time to prepping meals for Lisa and myself, well...

In the here and now, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing homemade breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Instead of buying jarred spaghetti sauce, I make it homemade. The same holds true for salad dressing, bread, marinades, snacks, pizza crust, pie crust, soft tortillas, etc.

We also eat a ton of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Our efforts have paid off all the way around

The second announcement I made, which accompanied the above photo, happened today...

In other news...a HUGE Congratulations to my wife for an achievement at work last week. Standing ovation. She will probably frown on THIS photo, but...this represents her work ethic to the fullest. It's happening now. She's tired. Hot. Sore. But. It doesn't matter how many hours she works or how tired she is, stuff gets done at home on her days off.
We are SO PROUD of you. And, it's a constant reminder of how our parents and elders raised us. Work hard. Always. Push through the exhaustion and sore muscles and being uncomfortable. Earn a living. Work hard for what you have and what you want.
And, I have no shame in admitting that over 2 decades ago, my wife taught me everything I needed to know about management skills. And perseverance. And keeping it real. Yeah...she was MY boss. LOL!

Lisa has been with the company she works at for almost 17 years. That's quite remarkable. She has persevered through many changes including the most recent when the transition was made from Rite Aid to Walgreens. 

The kids and I are so proud of her. 

I just wanted to share that with all of you. 

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