Thursday, May 16, 2019

I Baked Over 10 Dozen Homemade Cookies Today And I Loved It

Yesterday, I treated myself and the kids to an afternoon off. Unplugged. It was blissful and much needed. I woke up this morning completely rejuvenated and energized. I tackled work stuff and housework and meal prep with gusto. And, I decided to treat Lisa's crew at work to some homemade cookies tomorrow.

Yep. I baked over 10 dozen cookies this afternoon including chocolate chip. brown butter oatmeal butterscotch and reverse chocolate chip.

And of course, all the kids lounged on the kitchen doggy bed gazing at me because they thought I was baking homemade dog treats.

Total. Dog. Mom. Guilt. Trip.

Lisa's eyes bugged out of her head when she arrived home from work and saw one of the kitchen counters completely covered with fresh baked cookies.

She had to sample a few...

I packaged all the cookies in a huge aluminum tray with a plastic cover and made a decorative "Happy Friday" sign for the top.

Lisa will be bringing the cookies to work with her tomorrow.

I truly enjoy doing stuff like this. Random acts of kindness. Just because. I know it means the world to the recipients and they're truly grateful.

It's not just about treating people, most of whom I don't know, to homemade cookies during their coffee break.

It's about letting people know that they're thought of. Appreciated.

When people have done the same for us, it means the world. Not just because they bought or made something for us, but for the mere fact they thought of us amid their busy day.

Often times, it's those "just because" gifts or treats that mean the most. The ones that radiate a message of, "You matter. I'm thinking of you. I appreciate you."

As the saying goes, "A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected."

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