Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Virtual World Has Been A Little Wonky Over The Past Couple Of Days

After shipping a custom order on Monday and putting the final touches on some orders that will be picked up in the next few days, I decided to work on a few more pieces. This DIY Dog Toy Box was one of them. Lisa built this toy box last week. I worked my magic in our Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop. This wasn't the only item.

I also made TWO of these signs. A friend of ours gave us a bag of bullet casings. I wanted to make these over the Holiday season, but I didn't have time. This week, I did. Making this particular sign was not easy.

I have several burn marks on my arms to prove that.

I posted the finished products today. Again, 2 of the trespasser signs and the single DIY  doggy toy box. The price for each is $13. Fair price considering that we had to purchase the wood, paint, protective varnish, and our time.

Less than an hour after I posted, Facebook crashed.

Facebook continued to crash throughout the day and early evening.


As of now, no one has grabbed these items.

At this point, I get really frustrated.

Was it the Facebook fiasco or simply that no one wanted these items?

I consider $13 a fair price.

I do not want to break down the cost of wood, paint, and our time. Because, at that point, $13 would be LOW scale in the realm of pricing.


I guess I'll wait for a few days.

Things have been wonky on the end of all things virtual.

I tried to pay a couple of bills online today, but wasn't able to.

We. Shall. See.

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