Thursday, February 28, 2019

Willa Has Already Chosen Her 2 Year Gotcha Day Meal, Sweet Treat, And Gift

Willa's 2 Year Gotcha Day is coming up on March 2nd. Yes. It's already been 2 years. Where has the time gone?! When our kids celebrate their Gotcha Days, they get to choose their favorite meals, a special sweet treat, and a gift. Willa has already chosen all 3...

For her 2 Year Gotcha Day Meal, she wants chicken, shrimp, and sweet potatoes. And, she wants lots of our homemade meatball dog treats for snacks. For dessert, peanut butter cupcakes with my fresh made peanut butter frosting.

When I asked Willa what she wanted for her gift...

"Mommy, I don't have a winter hat. Can you make me one?"

My heart melted a bit. 

Absolutely, baby girl. 

Mama will make you a winter hat. 

Willa has already chosen her colors. 

Stay tuned...

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