Sunday, January 13, 2019

You're Getting Sick. No, I'm Not. Yes, You Are.

When I was a child and throughout my teen years, I remember my Mom being able to tell when I was sick. It used to irritate me to no end. I'd be feeling fine. No symptoms. My usual amount of energy. Out of the blue, she'd say, "You're getting sick." Wait? What? Sure enough, a few days later, I'd have a fever and some form of sickness like bronchitis, a double sinus infection, the flu or, in one instance, Mono.

One day, I asked the million dollar question.

"How did you know I was getting sick days before I had any symptoms?"

Without hesitation, she replied...

"Your eyes."

I didn't understand that level of being that in tune with someone until Lisa and I reunited back in 2011.

I always know when she's getting sick well before it hits.

On the flip side, she knows when I'm getting sick days before it hits me.

We both get equally irritated with the other because of this superpower.

Last weekend, I knew Lisa was getting sick. She shrugged it off as not getting a lot of sleep and allergies. I knew better.

A few days later, after having the chills, a headache, and the congestion getting worse, she finally went to the doctors.

Lisa was out of work on Friday with a double ear infection and the onset of bacterial pneumonia.

After taking her regimen of prescriptions and resting for 3 days, she's on the mend and feeling much better.

This morning during our coffee chat time, Lisa got brave.

"You're getting sick." 

My knee jerk stubborn reaction was to immediately tell her I wasn't.

She gave me that shit-eating grin.

"Yeah you are."

I took a sip of coffee.


That conversation ended quickly.

I felt a little guilty.

Well, okay...a lot guilty.

I wanted to give her the same reaction she always gives me when I tell her she's getting sick. You know, the tough girl, mind-over-matter, response.

But, I knew she was right.

My throat was a bit sore. My sinuses were pounding.

I didn't want to admit defeat quite yet...

Time will tell...

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