Sunday, December 2, 2018

When A Little Project Turns Into A Huge Project And The Stuff You Learn While Tackling That Project

One of the things on my December-List-Of-Things-To-Do was to clean out the closet in our bedroom and the one in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop. This is something I've wanted to do since May of this year when we tackled Our Big Bodacious Painting Project. During that week, we switched rooms. Our Bodacious Biscuit Love room became our bedroom. Our old bedroom was transformed into the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

This morning, Lisa was adamant about getting the 2 closets cleaned out. I knew it was going to be a rather large project. I don't think Lisa realized just how big this project was and how long it was going to take to get it done.

But, she wanted to do it, and so we did.

During the first part of cleaning out the closets, I got some work done in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

By 2 p.m. I knew that my assistance was needed so I stopped what I was doing to help out.

As quoted from my personal Facebook page...

"Today, we went through all of our closets. Over the past year, we've bought, collected, and had stuff donated to us to make Bodacious Holiday Care Packages for pet parents in need and to donate items to our local animal shelters for the 2018 Holiday Season.

The money we make from our Bodacious 12 Days of Christmas is being put towards spreading all of that Bodacious Love and spreading some holiday love and cheer to those who need it.

We're making some deliveries tomorrow and Tuesday and we couldn't be happier. Big. Huge. Smile. And a HUGE thank you to everyone who has grabbed our handcrafted items for the first half of our Bodacious 12 Days of Christmas. We appreciate you!"

A few hours later, we were loading bags and boxes into our vehicle to make deliveries this coming week.

And, while cleaning out our clothes closet, we came across some brand new items, tags still on. I have someone in mind that I want to donate these items to.

I'll be the first to admit, I was a bit pissy when I realized Lisa had bitten off more than she could chew with cleaning out both closets and needing help.

Because. I utilize the time on Saturday and Sunday to get work done. Uninterrupted. As in, Lisa is home. I don't have to get up every 10 minutes to check on the kids or take them out or tend to their every whim.

But, my mood quickly turned around when I realized how much stuff we had bought, collected, and had donated to us over the past year to spread Bodacious Holiday Love for pet parents in need and beyond.

I was shocked.

I had my moment when I stood back and marveled at how much we had collected over the past year whether it be donations or stuff we bought on sale and clearance.

I needed this moment.

While I was still a bit overwhelmed shortly before I tucked Lisa and the kids into bed, Lisa reminded me of something very simple.

"We have so much stuff. And, you have the entire month of December to make more if needed. And, to bake lots of goodies. We're going to spread lots of Bodacious Love this holiday season. 


From now until you wake up in the morning, you need to come to peace with a few things that have been troubling you over the past few weeks.

You can't change certain situations. As you always tell me, the only thing you can do is change how you respond. 

This year, we've lived and we've learned. In a lot of ways, we got a bit burned. People didn't exactly follow through with payment and promises.

Lastly, free yourself from all that you've retired from and all that we're not doing come 2019. Not our circus, not our monkeys."

That's kind of what I'm doing now.

It's hard.


Lisa is right.

I'm not going to let a few dimwits ruin what we've always done during the month of December and beyond.

The only thing I can hope is that someday...

They see through the smoke and mirrors charade of the freeloaders that surround them.

They learn how to follow through.

They don't mess up the few relationships they have with people who are truly there for them through thick and thin. Unconditionally.

They stop making excuses.

And, they realize just how lucky they are to have people around them that assist free of charge or at a very, very deep discount.

Until then...

We're making changes.

And we're going to keep doing what we do.

That. Is. All.

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