Saturday, November 10, 2018

Work. Rest. Battling Stubbornness. And, Vegetable Soup For The Soul.

Our original plans for this morning was to grab a coffee and hit up a few Holiday Craft Fairs. We love visiting these events in November and December. Earlier in the week, we had spotted some advertisements in the papers and had cut them out. They sat on the counter. We were looking forward to a few hours outside of the house. Together. However, Lisa came down with a bad cold. It was too cold, wet, and windy for her to be out.

I was very persistent this morning with Lisa. I told her that I wanted her on the sofa. With the kids. Resting. Warm and cozy. Medicated.

She put up a bit of a struggle, but this was one battle that I was determined to win. 

Lisa and I are both workers. When we get sick, it's very difficult for us to rest and do nothing for long periods of time. When I'm sick, Lisa is persistent. When she's sick, I have no qualms with going face to face with her. Hands on my hips. And, giving her THE LOOK.

But, in all fairness, on both ends, we know the other will an extent. Lisa will do a few things and then crash. I'll crash in intervals.

During the early morning hours, I was lenient with her doing a few things around the house and running an errand. But, after that, she knew that was enough. I pointed to the sofa.

For the next 5 hours, Lisa rested on the sofa with the kids. The kids loved it! They all snuggled with Lisa and enjoyed snack time on the sofa.

During that time, I took a break from work stuff and made a scrumptious vegetable soup that simmered in the crockpot all day. 

On my end, I got about 8 hours of solid work done in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop from the time we got up until it was time for dinner.

When Lisa got up, she took the kids out for playtime and fixed their dinner while I put the finishing touches on our dinner.

We played a few games of Backgammon while eating dinner at the kitchen table.

Then, family snuggle time on the sofa.

Lisa and the kids went to bed early.

And, here I am now, on the sofa, writing today's blog column.

I feel accomplished.


Lisa and the kids are sleeping soundly. She's getting the rest she needs for her body to recover from the nasty cold.

The house is quiet. Warm.

I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight because I know I'll need all of my energy tomorrow to battle Lisa's stubbornness, bake, do housework, and get a lot of work stuff done.

I've. Got. This.

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