Sunday, November 25, 2018

We Have The Best Decorated House In Da Hood

We moved into our home in July of 2012. That December, we decorated the outdoors for Christmas. That has become a tradition. Each year, our outdoor decor has varied. Over the past few years, we've added to our collection of inflatables in the form of snowmen and added a couple of 3 foot Christmas trees on our porch railings. But, last year and this year, we quickly learned the devastating side of inflatables.

If the cords are sliced, chewed, or something goes wrong, they're done with. 

After this Halloween season, we were almost done with the festive inflatables.


I know how much Lisa loves the inflatables. When she ran a couple of errands yesterday, I told her to buy a few if she wanted.

She came home with 3 doggy inflatables.

Big. Huge. Smile. 

The woman who owns the 2 family home we live in, and lives upstairs, and is also our SoulSista, joined in on the festivities.

After she brought her daughter to work yesterday evening, she went to the store to buy a kitty inflatable.

While Lisa and our SoulSista were decorating the outside, I worked in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project workshop and made homemade pizza.

We all enjoyed dinner.

Between the time Lisa bought the 3 small doggy inflatables, and our SoulSista buying the kitty inflatable, Lisa mentioned the 7-foot doggy inflatable over 5 times.

So, today, I sat Lisa down.

"I know you want the 7-foot doggy inflatable. I know we don't buy each other Christmas gifts, but the kids do. If you'd like the 7-footer, go get it. It'll be your Christmas gift from the kids."

That's all it took.

Meanwhile, our SoulSista put up a couple of wreaths on her porch.

At the end of the day, when it started to get dark, I grabbed my camera and went outside to view their hard work.

I was thrilled beyond words.

The outside decor looks amazing!

Beyond amazing.

It represents this entire 2 family home.

I'm proud.

Our kids love it.

Our SoulSista's furry kids love it.


We've got the best decorated house in da hood.

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