Monday, November 26, 2018

A Lot Of People Are A Bit Surprised By The Simplicity Of Our Indoor Christmas Decorations

It was quite the festive weekend. Yesterday, we put up our Christmas Tree. That was after Lisa and our SoulSista joining forces to get the outside Christmas decor done the day before. It all looks gorgeous. By the looks of the outdoor Christmas decorations, you'd probably think that we go all out on the inside, but we don't.

We keep it simple. 

For the most part, our simple indoor Christmas decorations are by choice.

In the corner of the living room, we have our tabletop tree. The stockings are hung on the door frame that goes into the home office. We have a few country snowmen and a Santa that we put under the tree and on the small bookshelf in the living room. The centerpiece for the kitchen table is a ceramic Christmas tree our Great Aunt Ida made. We also have a couple of Christmas pieces that our Grammy V and Grammy T made.

That's pretty much it. 

Aside from our simplicity being by choice, there's a tiny reason why we haven't expanded our indoor Christmas decor, as we have with the outdoor decor, or opted for a real tree that starts from the floor up.

The. Kids.

If we didn't have kids, I'm certain that over the years we would have added additional pieces to our Christmas collection.

In fact, we used to have large pieces that sat on the floor. And, our tabletop tree was real.


The. Kids.

We can't have a real tree because Willa would eat any fallen pine needles. And, that extends to pretty much all Christmas plants like Holly, Poinsettia, Mistletoe, etc.

We can't have large floor pieces because Lobo would pee on them and Willa would topple them over and rip off any loose fabric.

We can't have animated pieces because Coco barks at them.

We can't have pieces that make noises if you get close to them because that would send Sophie hiding behind the sofa or under one of our night tables in the bedroom.

We can't have a floor tree because Willa would grab one of the branches and yank. We all know what the result of that would be.

So, our indoor Christmas decorations pretty much stay the same year after year.

We're certainly not complaining.

We're simple people.

That's not going to change.

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